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Principal's Message

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Beachside Elementary - I’m not here to be average, I’m here to be AWESOME!

Welcome to the Greatest Elementary School in the World!

We are a school full of positive energy used to provide our students, parents and anyone who enters our campus a jolt of optimism and hope!  Our students are academic achievers and especially amazing writers.  Additionally, we promote the development of the whole child and value character development along with meeting the demands of the rigorous Florida Standards, while meeting the needs of individual students.  

The students and staff share a joy for being part of the 60 year legacy of Osceola Elementary, which can be seen in their smiles.  Osceola has a long tradition of serving the community with the cooperation from our generous business partners and gracious volunteers.  This is one element of the school that truly motivates all of the staff here! 

We invite you to be a part of the Greatest Elementary School in the World by participating in our PTA and/or School Advisory Council (SAC), volunteering, building a business partnership, or simply sharing the great things that are happening here at the school with friends and family.

We appreciate our Osceola families!

As always, please call the school if you have any questions at 386-258-2669.

Where students, staff, teachers, parents and the community work together to ​make Beachside AWESOME!